Why January & February are the Best Months to Travel

Whether you love them or loathe them, the holidays will soon be upon us… and then over!  This post-holiday slump can be a bit of a hit to the system with grey days and not much fun on the horizon.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, travelers!

Planning for a January/February adventure is just the ticket to get the excitement pumping again, and it just happens to be the perfect time of year to travel.  

How fabulous is that?!

So… which travel-fun category do you fall into?

Whisked Away Surprise Travel:  Travel in January & February

If Another Grey, Gloomy Day Will Make You Crazy

Consider Latin America!  January and February are not the months that most folks think about heading to this region, but it is actually the ideal time.  

First, weather.  Much of Latin America enjoys only two seasons:  wet season (also known as green season) and dry season (also known as amazing-to-travel-in season).  

Wet season ends for much of Latin America in December.  This means you are heading into dry season, when things are still lush and lovely from all of the torrential downpours.

(That you just missed!)

Second, it’s not peak season.  Our work schedules being what they are, many Americans don’t choose to travel in January and February because they just enjoyed a relaxing, blissed-out vacation with their families (ahem).

In January and February, you won’t pay top prices for beautiful spots because it is either shoulder or low season in Latin America.  Talk about perfect timing!

Third, many flights to Latin America are short and sweet.  You can be out of the gloom and doom of your dirty snow blah times and whisked away to the warm, glorious beach!  With ancient ruins behind you!  And perhaps some palm trees!

Imagine that.  (Go ahead.  I’ll wait.)

Whisked Away Surprise Travel:  Beach in Latin America

When you choose Latin America as your region for January & February, some ideal spots would be:

  • the sandy beaches of Belize (think eco-friendly, quiet, lovely)

  • the rainforest jungles of Costa Rica (think furry friends, huge blue butterflies, great for families)

  • the ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico (think mind-blowing, warm and historic)

Whisked Away Surprise Travel:  Ruins

I'll take all three.  Please and thank you.

If You Yearn for Adrenaline-Pumping Snowy Fun

Calling all snowy baby bunnies!

We North Americans really have it made in the amazing ski resorts arena.  Big Sky, Montana? Wolf Creek, Colorado?  Banff, Canada?

I mean, really.  

Though January and February see a lot of visitors to ski resorts in general, here at Whisked Away we have the insider scoop on some less popular (though still amazing) ski hot spots.

Did you know, for example, that Big Sky is known as the “biggest skiing in North America?”  This means that you can head up a lift in peak season and be all alone in your personal winter wonderland for your entire run down.  

Did you also know that it is located so close to Yellowstone that you could take a day trip to go snowshoeing in the wilderness?

(All true.  And we can plan that for you.)

Whisked Away Surprise Travel:  Snowy Mountains

Never heard of Wolf Creek, Colorado?  If you’ve skied Colorado before, you know that it is famous for it’s lush, thick powder.  The stinky part though is that it is so well-traveled and crowded that it is often difficult to enjoy.  

Not at Wolf Creek!  You’ll enjoy gorgeous, Colorado Rockies’ peaks without the hassle.

Bonus tip:  They have natural hot springs nearby!  Perfect for an apres-ski dip.

How Will Whisked Away Know Which Category You Fall Into?

When you book, you fill out a quick form letting us know what you love to do.  Part of it looks like this:

Whisked Away Surprise Travel:  Booking Form

As you can see, you’ll let us know what you love to do, but you’ll also tell us your weather preferences.

We’ll take it from there.  Are you ready to get Whisked Away this winter?

Are you the "Whisk Me Away to the Warm Weather!" type or "I'm Ready for Some Serious Snow!" traveler? 

Let us know in the comments below!