Get Whisked Away on a Spiritual Retreat to Tuscany!

Hey you traveling lovelies.  Quick question for you (it's kind of a doozy):  Are you perhaps holding on to something from your past?  Something that's weighing you down that you've been trying to release for years?  

Yeah, it's going to be that kind of blog post, but stick with me.  It gets REALLY good.  Promise.

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Whisked Away Surprise Travel:  Why You Should Go on a Spiritual Retreat in Tuscany

Why We Hold On to Our Past

We were all raised by parent(s) or guardians (some kind of adult figure, hopefully) who passed on their own feelings, beliefs and values.  As children, we took what they gave us and called it truth, because to us it was.

Those beliefs could be religious, those values could be about money or love or what is right and what is wrong.  The feelings could be "I'm not good enough" or "I'll never make it" or "I have nothing to offer."

Or, maybe something big happened, an event of some kind that affected you deeply.  It changed how you looked at the world too early, when you weren't ready (are we ever?)

This event could even be something that happened to your parents.  Even though it didn't occur in your own life, it's effects were felt.

Any heads nodding yet?  Yeah, mine too.

How It Feels to Hold On to Things from Our Past

Honestly, it feels a bit silly to even write about this, because you know exactly how it feels, don't you?  Also, it probably feels different for everyone... but here are a few things that might sound familiar.

Holding on to our past feels & looks like: 

  • trouble sleeping
  • anxiety
  • drowning our feelings in chocolate, alcohol, food, Netflix, etc.
  • forgetting to eat
  • finding yourself repeating those values to others even though it feels wrong 
  • a heavy feeling in the shoulders
  • tightness in the chest

What would you add to the list?  

How It Feels to Release + Forgive

What would it be like if we could release our past and forgive?  Maybe it would look like a full night's sleep, waking up refreshed and grateful in the morning.

Maybe it would look like deep breaths.  

Maybe it would look like feeling your feelings in a healthy way instead of drowning them in a third glass of Chardonnay. 

Maybe it would look like a feeling of lightness, a smile and an exhale.

This is not to say that when we forgive our past that we move forward into a stress-free, challenge-free life... those trials come to teach us the lessons that we need to learn.


It does mean that there is an opportunity to live a better life, and here's how:


Ok, let me explain.  Eeeeek!

Whisked Away has partnered with Dana Childs Intuitive, a leading healer local to Charlotte, NC to create a spiritual retreat focused entirely on healing your past and reforming your spirit.

You'll spend a week with like-minded folks who want to open up their hearts and sweep out the dust, move forward together (and enjoy some locally-sourced food + wine prepared for us onsite... what?!?)

The details:

When?  May 13-19, 2019

Where?  A private villa in the Grosseto region of Tuscany 

Cost?  $2500 for double room (singles available)

Bonus?  BOOK BY 8-20-18, GET $200 OFF BOOKING!

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