Why Traveling with a Travel Nanny Will Save Your Life

Hey Travelers!  If you have children AND love to travel, you know it can be difficult juggling the wee ones with your desire to... I don't know... have an adult conversation?  Go enjoy a cocktail with your spouse?

Today I'm introducing you to a company based in Charlotte, NC that allows you to have all of the above AND know that your tots are in good hands.  I give you... (trumpets a-blaring!) Leigh and Kara from Family First Travel Nannies! 

Tell us how you came up with the idea for Family First Travel Nannies.

Family First Travel Nannies was started with a desire from our team to invest in those that are investing in the next generation. Built by a group of dreamers, Family First Travel Nannies was created on the bedrock that family comes first in all capacities. When we came together and began fabricating the future of FFTN, we wanted to focus on the core values in which would infuse the highest quality placements, as well as the values that would create a culminating company culture.  As a team of vivid dreamers, who are also experienced in travel and nanny placements, we set out to create a company that fosters a sense of unity, self-care, and inclusion. Our heart is to foster a company that keeps giving back by investing in the nanny community. 

Andrea, a content Travel Nanny customer!

Andrea, a content Travel Nanny customer!

How long have you been in the industry? Have you noticed any big changes? 

I (this is Leigh!) have over 13 years of experience as a nanny and childcare provider.  I've had the privilege of assisting families with all ages of children including infants through teenagers. I always feel a special bond with the families I work with!

Kara Deny Uyl, my partner, has over 20 years of childcare experience including 10 years as a director of a Goddard school.  She is so caring, nurturing and hands on with little ones, which makes families that much more comfortable knowing she is assisting in finding them the best care possible. 

What services does your company provide for families? 

Family First Travel Nannies is an easy solution for child care related stress. We offer exceptional child care solutions to make family's lives easier. We understand quality care for precious cargo such as children, is top priority. Whether you are going on a business trip, family vacation, or you need long term care our nannies/mannies will provide a safe and entertaining environment for your children.

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How do you choose your nannies?

We hand select caregivers!  We have created an in-depth screening process for each caregiver. They must fill out an in-depth application, have 3 plus years of professional nanny experience, go through two interviews with our team, have 3 or more excellent references, provide one character reference, be CPR and First Aid certified, have a current passport and pass a national background check. 

Why is it better to travel with a nanny than without one? 

Having a travel nanny join you makes it easier to focus on more practical travel related issues like having the right documents, boarding the flight in a safe and timely manner, driving directions, packing, relaxation - etc. Parents also get to spend more quality time together (as couple and family) and if the nanny is responsible for overnight care parents have the opportunity to have more "quality time" together. Having a travel nanny with you may help your children acclimate to their new environment easier rather than having a new person through the hotel's childcare service every night.  Also, if your children are homeschooled taking a nanny can allow you to travel off season!

Anything else you'd like to share with the Surprise Travel community: 

In honor of Aryanna who would have celebrated her 5th birthday on January 27, 2018 we are launching a mission to spread kindness. Aryanna Brahs was the sweetest, sassiest and happiest little girl you could ever meet. She died suddenly last year at the young age of 3. She was Kara Den Uyl's (part owner of Family First Travel Nannies) niece. Aryanna was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome. (TCS) is a genetic disorder. If you've read Wonder, you know Auggie (the main character) had this syndrome.  The book promotes awareness for being kind and treating everyone with respect and love. Join the kindness movement by buying a shirt and 10% of the proceeds will go towards adding the Choose Kind Curriculum to classrooms across the United States. 

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Thanks so much, Leigh!  What questions do you guys have for Family First Travel Nannies? 

Let us know in the comments below or contact her at:

Phone #: 844-740-8875 

Email: leigh@familyfirsttravelnannies.com

Website: www.familyfirsttravelnannies.com