How to Make Interminable Flights Suck Less

How to Make Interminable Flights Suck Less

Hi Travelers!  I think we can all agree that traveling is the absolute best, is it not?  Even for someone who has traveled 'round the world and back again, there is nothing like the sweet satisfaction of scoring an awesome flight, finding a hidden gem in a hotel, or booking the sweetest walking tour of old town Antigua.  I've always loved the planning part of travel (which is, ahem, why I'm now doing it for a living) but the actual stepping on the plane part? 

It's not my favorite.

Plane travel involves a lot of suck.  Even the ride to the airport is rife with, "Should we call Uber?  Lyft?  A proper old-time yellow taxi?"  "Should we park at the airport and pay a million dollars a day to do so, even though we won't get a real parking place?  Must we be relegated to the grassy curb by the trees?"