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Pre-Honeymoon Home Checklist

Pre-Honeymoon Home Checklist

Rushing to the airport from your wedding (or even the next morning) may sound a bit frantic, but in reality it can be incredibly romantic… if you plan ahead!

Pop down and check out what you need to have prepared, packed and ready to be honeymoon-ready post-nuptials!


If you do nothing else to prepare your home, do these four things.  Reach out to friends and family 2-3 months before your honeymoon to see if anyone would be willing to care for Snuggles and Sir Cattington while you are away.  If not, check into reputable pet sitters in your area.

Making sure that plants were well-watered instead of withered when you got home from the airport used to be a huge pain, but I recently used these super-affordable and easy plant watering globes while away for 2 weeks, and they worked like a charm!  

Stacks of mail outside your door and week-old trash inside your kitchen can both attract unwanted visitors.  Steer clear by placing a hold on your mail (thanks US Postal Service!) and doing a sweep of your home to make sure all trash cans are emptied.

How to Stay (Emotionally, Spiritually & Physically) Healthy While Traveling

How to Stay (Emotionally, Spiritually & Physically) Healthy While Traveling

Hey you traveling lovelies!  Is it just me or has there been a lot of "how to stay healthy when on the road" type content flying about?

It is absolutely wonderful that folks are thinking this way.  Being more conscientious (and conscious) about how we travel, explore, eat and experience the world just makes it better for everyone. 

Most of this content, though, has been solely focused on how to stay physically healthy whilst hopping the globe.  That's great and all, but what about everything else?  

If you're more into the holistic side of things, pop down below to find out the best ways to keep your whole, beautiful self in tact and happy when you're on the road.  

Your whole, beautiful self will thank you.  Promise.

Hey Graduate: It's Time to See the World Now.

Hey Graduate:  It's Time to See the World Now.

There is a vivid memory I have of walking into Target with my mother the week after my college graduation.  We ran into a woman, a co-worker and friend of my mom's, and so we stopped and chatted for a bit as she tried to wrangle her baby and toddler, purse and cart.  

An everyday scene, to be sure.  But this one is etched into my brain because of one simple thing. This harried, happy mother looked me dead in the eyes and said, "Travel now.  You must travel now.  There will come a time when you can't as much.  Travel now."