What It's Like to Have a Yoga Retreat to Yourself

What It's Like to Have a Yoga Retreat to Yourself

“Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.” -Anonymous

 A few years ago I came into work fairly… in need of a vacation.  I sat down with my co-worker and huffed, “It would be so nice to go to a yoga retreat.”  Tap-tipity-tap went her fingers on the keyboard, and up on her screen came Villa Sumaya.

Now, Villa Sumaya is perfectly situated on Lake Atitlan near Panajachel, Guatemala.  The lake itself is stunning, framed with mountain peaks and lush green amazingness.  But Villa Sumaya?  It just takes lovely to a whole new level.  Instead of sticking out within its jungle/mountain/lake home, it kind of… melts into it.  Like it was there all the time.  Since always.  Nothing about the natural surroundings was changed to make Villa Sumaya possible.  The casitas are built up the mountain, and you have to make some effort to reach them.  But when you get there?  You feel like the last person on Earth.  

 Or the only person paying to be there.

 (That was me.)