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Why You Should Book Now For Summer Travel

Why You Should Book Now For Summer Travel

Hey lovelies!  As we sit right smack-dab in the armpit of January (we can all admit that January is the armpit, can’t we?) a lot of our minds have started to drift… forward.

Now, I’m all for living in the moment, being present and deep breathing, but I’m kind of a baby about *actually doing those things in the cold and cloudy winter-times.

It's so hard!

But there is hope!  Summer, although farther off for some of us than others (I’m looking at you, Buffalo, NY!) is on its way.  

Yes, really.

And though it is still a few months ahead of us, now is the absolute best time to book for your summer time travel fabulousness.  

Here are the top reasons why!

Behind the Scenes: Surprise Travel

Behind the Scenes:  Surprise Travel

How does Whisked Away choose where to send all of the lovely travelers?

This is an excellent question!  I wish I could tell you that the magical spot just pops up... but then everyone would be planning travel, right?


Whenever a client books a Surprise Travel Adventure through Whisked Away, there is a specific process that happens to ensure they get a trip that is unique to them and their awesomeness.  

Read on for the step-by-step of how a Surprise Travel Adventure is born!  

How to Make Interminable Flights Suck Less

How to Make Interminable Flights Suck Less

Hi Travelers!  I think we can all agree that traveling is the absolute best, is it not?  Even for someone who has traveled 'round the world and back again, there is nothing like the sweet satisfaction of scoring an awesome flight, finding a hidden gem in a hotel, or booking the sweetest walking tour of old town Antigua.  I've always loved the planning part of travel (which is, ahem, why I'm now doing it for a living) but the actual stepping on the plane part? 

It's not my favorite.

Plane travel involves a lot of suck.  Even the ride to the airport is rife with, "Should we call Uber?  Lyft?  A proper old-time yellow taxi?"  "Should we park at the airport and pay a million dollars a day to do so, even though we won't get a real parking place?  Must we be relegated to the grassy curb by the trees?"


Why Your Wife Wants You to Take Her on a Babymoon

Why Your Wife Wants You to Take Her on a Babymoon

Hello Parent-to-Be!  If you are reading this, it means you are knee-deep in baby name lists and how-to books about parenting.  Perhaps you're feeling elated, perhaps horrified, or maybe even a healthy mix of both.  Totally understandable!  What you are about to undertake involves a big life change, but do you know what it doesn't involve?  Being pregnant.  (Because your wife's got that on lock-down, right?)

Want to be the spouse of the year?  Please friend, follow this sage advice:  get the lady a babymoon.