Traveling with Small Children? Here's How to Survive

Traveling with Small Children?  Here's How to Survive

Hi travelers!  So often I speak to pregnant women or families with young children and they bemoan the lack of travel in their lives.  But what if you could continue to live your travel dreams even with your brilliant tots? 

To find out how we sat down with Lizz N., traveler-with-kids extraordinaire, to learn the best tips and tricks for traveling with the little ones. 

1.)  Hi Lizz!  Please tell us about yourself and your family!

Hi! I’m an American living overseas for the last six years with my diplomat husband and two young daughters, Cora (3 ½) and Zella (1½). I work for a small Agroforestry NGO doing East Africa Communications from the field.  We have been based in Nairobi, Kenya for the last two years and we really enjoy life here. The weather is perfect year-round and there is beautiful scenery and wildlife just outside our door.  My oldest daughter gets dirty while exploring at a forest school and we can drive an hour away to camp among zebras and giraffes on the weekend. Life is good!