Surprise Travel & The Gift of Anticipation

Surprise Travel & The Gift of Anticipation

Remember that lovely feeling you used to get as a kid, waking up the morning of your birthday?  That wonderful “oh my god today is all about me!” feeling?  The anticipation, the way the wrapping paper sounded when it finally ripped open under your capable, chubby kid-sized hands?  The “Yessssss!” that emitted from your heart and soul when you found out that (oh holy of holies) you really did get the He-Man/She-Ra combo pack of action figures?

Do you miss it?

As adults, we totally get the shaft when it comes to anticipatory fun-times. Our lives are pretty well-planned, laid out and situated.  We still get birthdays, sure, but it just doesn’t feel the same somehow.  The He-Man/She-Ra combo pack fails to elicit the same excitement.  

But it doesn’t have to be this way!  What if there were a way to give ourselves and our loved ones the gift of beautiful anticipation?  And what if that gift landed you at the airport with a piece of paper and an artfully researched itinerary that announced you would be spending the next two weeks in… Banff, Canada!  Quito, Ecuador!  Barcelona, Spain!