Where First-Timers Should Go in Latin America

Where First-Timers Should Go in Latin America

Latin America is a region of the world that is just so flippin’ full of awesome that it is hard to capture all of it in any one anything, be it blog post, discussion or trip.

However, don’t let Latin America overwhelm you.  

If you’ve never been to Latin America and you’re dying to go, first of all:  good on ya.  Clearly you’re an amazing person making stellar choices in life, and sure, I’ll go ahead and say it:

I’m proud of you.

Now that that’s behind us, let’s focus on getting you to Latin America.  As previously mentioned, the region is gigantic.  It is diverse.  It’s just… a lot.

Where to go when you’re a first time traveler to Latin America?

I’ve chosen my top 5 spots for first timers to my favorite part of the world, picked for their accessibility from the states, ease of “getting-around-edness,” vibrant culture, and overall awesomeness.  

Pop down below and choose your next adventure!

First Solo Trip Coming Up? Here's How to Prepare

First Solo Trip Coming Up?  Here's How to Prepare

New Year's Eve, 2012.  

A few months prior, I had started planning for what would be the solo trip of my lifetime:  two months traveling through Argentina.  Plane tickets were bought, hostels were researched.

Fear set in.

The Spanish is so difficult to understand in Argentina!  It's going to be so cold down there!  In July!  What kind of craziness is that?  I'll be alllll alonnnnne for two. whole. months.  

All.  alone.

Not going was, obviously, out of the question.  I needed a plan. 

Here's what I did, and here's what you can do too, if you're feeling a bit scaredy-pants about heading out on your lonesome for the first time:

How to Have the Most Unforgettable Travel Experiences of Your Life

How to Have the Most Unforgettable Travel Experiences of Your Life

Hi travelers!  You know those experiences, in travel or in everyday life, that just stick with you?  What is it about those times, and how can you create more of them?  Read on for my top tips on how to enjoy more unforgettable travel! 

Know the Difference Between a "Gut-Check No" and Nervous Excitement

Here's the scene:  my friend Dre and I had just bussed it from Quito, where we were living, to some remote hot springs about two hours north of the city. Our afternoon was spent relaxing in those sweet simmering springs and having swimming races with some local kids.  Every once in a while we'd lean back on a boulder or some such thing, check out the blue Ecuadorian sky and sigh with contentment.  This was the life, man. 

As I tend to do, I had planned the early afternoon return down to the minute.  "The bus swings by at 5 PM so we have to hike back down the hill to meet it on the road.  That means we have to be out of the springs by 4:30, blah blah."  I don't mean to cast a wide net here, but it is fairly well known that things in Latin America do not always happen on time.  Thus, when Dre and I arrived at the appointed spot at 4:50, smiling and proud of ourselves for being punctual, we naively waited for our bus for over an hour with nothing passing our way except for a few old Chevy's.