Why a Surprise Honeymoon is Everything

Congratulations, you're engaged!  Now for the fun part:  the honeymoon.  Read on for the top reasons you should leave your most special trip of a lifetime to the pros.  (And leave the stress of planning to someone else!)

How to Stay in the Moment while Traveling-2.png

1:  You’re already planning a wedding.  Don’t plan the honeymoon.  That’s way too much planning.  Planning takes away from romance.  Surprises add to the romance!  You do the math.

2:  Imagine the looks on people’s faces when you tell them you have NO IDEA where you are going for your honeymoon!  This will be good practice for when you see those same looks after proclaiming you don’t want to have 2.5 kids/white picket fence/McMansion in the burbs.

3: Be the trend-setter that you are.  Some friends of mine had the Avett Brothers play their wedding in 2005.  Now the Avett Brothers are the Avett Brothers.  Your badass surprise honeymoon will be equal to their Avett Brothers, and that’s pretty awesome.

4: A surprise honeymoon is the gift that keeps on giving.  The memory of the two of you, fresh from your glorious day, ripping into your surprise destination envelope at the airport will get you through that first tiff you have over loading the dishwasher “correctly.”

5:  You love each other, and Whisked Away loves you.  That’s a lot of love in one place.  We will plan the heck out of your surprise honeymoon so that it will be no less than mind-blowing.  

6.  You could spend the next 12 months of your precious engaged lives planning your honeymoon, or just the next ten minutes.  Think of what you'll do with all of that time!  Go on romantic bike rides in the sunset?  Run towards your loved one on a moonlit beach?  Taste test 15 types of wedding cakes?  All of these options sound better than sitting in front of a computer for hours, do they not?  (They do!)

Your honeymoon is a big deal.  Its the first time you'll travel with your newly wedded love... don't leave it up to the big box sites who have no idea who you are.  Whisked Away takes the time to get to know each of our travelers so that we can curate the perfect trip for them. 

Are you ready to get Whisked Away?