Why You Should Book Now For Summer Travel

Hey lovelies!  As we sit right smack-dab in the armpit of January (we can all admit that January is the armpit, can’t we?) a lot of our minds have started to drift… forward.

Now, I’m all for living in the moment, being present and deep breathing, but I’m kind of a baby about *actually doing those things in the cold and cloudy winter-times.

It's so hard!

But there is hope!  Summer, although farther off for some of us than others (I’m looking at you, Buffalo, NY!) is on its way.  

Yes, really.

And though it is still a few months ahead of us, now is the absolute best time to book for your summer time travel fabulousness.  

Here are the top reasons why!

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Whisked Away Surprise Travel:  Summer Vacation

How Travel Plans Make You Feel

It will make you feel astronomically, inter-galactically, astrophysically amazing! (All of those are real words/feelings!)

If you suffer from the grey-day blues, having something huge to look forward to will be the insta-mood boost you’ve been craving.  It also tells your mind that you are taking action to make yourself healthier and happier.  This, in turn, will encourage you to act on other things that make you feel this awesomeness.  

Action begets action, so why not start with the biggest and badassiest action of all:

Book yourself a trip!

Summer is Peak Season

Yes, we all love to travel in the summer.  It’s warm in some of the northern European countries that we love, North American beauties like Canada and Alaska are finally tolerable, and we’ve had a good six months since our last big break from work.  

However, for all of these reasons and more, summer is peak season.  Think higher prices, fewer options for accommodations, fab tours selling out.  

Booking in January/February for travel in June, July or August gives you a MUCH better chance of snagging an amazing hotel in the exact neighborhood you wanted, direct flights that won’t necessitate a second mortgage on your house, etc.  

Whisked Away Surprise Travel:  Summer Travel

Jerry from Accounting Wants to Travel that Week too

Dammit, Jerry!

If you do not work for yourself, you ultimately do not have the power to tell your boss that you must be luxuriating in the Greek Isles on a certain date.  

Also, if too many others from your department have already requested those dates (because they followed some excellent advice and booked early!) then you are out of luck, my friend.  

Santorini or your tiny beige cubicle?  


Requesting those dates early gives you ALL OF THE POWER.  You can choose cheaper travel days (Tuesdays, Weds, Thursdays), you can travel over holidays to maximize your vacation time and you can lord your vacation prowess over Jerry from accounting!

Take that, Jerry.  

Valentine’s Day is Upon Us

Now, this may seem completely unrelated, but hear me out.

If you are coupled:  Please, for the love of that tiny naked flying cherub, do not gift your honey the plasticky chocolates from the CVS.  The red undies fashioned into a rose that you can pick up at the gas station are also not acceptable.

You are smarter than that!  

A trip is the perfect (seriously, absolutely perfect) gift for someone you love.  When you gift someone a trip, here is what you are saying to them:

  • I want to spend valuable time with you and only you.

  • I think our time + money is best spent by experiencing new things together.

  • It brings me joy to see you over-the-moon happy.

And those things, my friend, are what love is all about.  Am I right or am I right?

Whisked Away Surprise Travel:  Summer Travel

If you are single:  Show the world (and your relatives who won’t shut up about it) that you are doing ab-fab-tastic with your single-hood by taking yourself on a solo trip to your dream spot.  

When you gift yourself a trip, here is what you are telling your glorious self:

  • My life isn’t about waiting for things to happen, it’s about making things happen.

  • I’m amazing enough to drink wine alone on the streets of Paris, eschewing suitors that will surely come in droves.

  • I understand that one of life’s greatest luxuries is waking up in the morning somewhere new, and getting to do exactly what I want to do without conferring with another. living. soul.

There is No Reason to Put It Off

Too busy to plan summer travel right now?  That's totally okay.  There are pros who can do that for you, and you'll be... wham-o! done with your travel booking in ten minutes flat. 

A while back I wrote a post about how Surprise Travel works behind-the-scenes, but if you'd rather just skip that and get to the good stuff, that's cool too.

Clients come to Whisked Away for a few reasons:  they can't decide where they want to go, they don't have time to plan or they just want to try something amazing and new.

If any (or all!) of those sound like you, then woo-hoo!  We were made for each other!

(Happy Valentine's Day to us!)

Where are you dreaming of traveling this summer?  Leave us a comment below to let us know!