Why Whisked Away Now Offers Payment Plans

When I was a kid, there was this magical purple sparkly bike that I absolutely NEEDED to own.  It had streamers cascading from the white cushy handles, it had a basket with plastic daisies... the works.

This bike?  It was pretty much my destiny.  It was also way above my 10-year old allowance budget, despite my frugal savings.

"No problem," my mom chimed in.  "You can put it on layaway!"

Layaway, you guys.  Whoever thought of this ingenious way to teach kids about the power of saving money, well... they were a genius.  

So in I popped with my $20 or whatever it was, and put my first down payment on the dream.  Dutifully, the guy behind the counter gave me a receipt and moved the purple chariot behind the special layaway counter.  It was officially future-me mine.

Um... but what does this have to do with travel?  Great question.

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Payment Plans.png

Huzzah!  Layaway for Travel!

That's right!  Whisked Away Surprise Travel now offers payment plans for those of you who deserve the trip of your dreams (I'm looking at you, amazing person reading this blog post) but can't pay the whole she-bang up front.

Here's how it works:

  1. Choose the amount you want to pay.  
  2. Make sure your trip is paid in full at least 2 months before travel.  (We'll send you reminders, don't worry!)
  3. Whisked Away will send you a code equaling the amount you've paid before you book, so it will be deducted from your total.
Whisked Away Surprise Travel Payment Plan

Easy peasy, purple sparkly big magic is now yours... in travel form!

Have questions about how the payment plan works? 

No prob! 

Send us an email and we'll get back to you before the sun sets on the next business day.  

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