Part 3: How to Save Bajillions of Dollars Using Google Flights

Travelers! It’s time for Part 3 (the final chapter!) of how to save all the cash using Google Flights.

If you haven’t read Part 1, click here. It’s all about being flexible with your destination in order to save. Part 2 is the step-by-step to get cheaper flights with flexible dates.

And now, onward! We’re going to deep dive into the extra tips that will really get you saving, so that more of your travel budget can go to snazzy hotels & amazing activities in your destination of choice.

Whisked Away Surprise Travel

Tip #1: Search ONLY in “Incognito Mode”

Hear me and hear me well, travelers. The interwebs are a magical, mysterious place. Ever noticed how when you pop into Amazon to search for a manatee-shaped tea infuser , said tea infuser will now show up all over your Facebook page? How do they do that??

Plain & simple: they are wizards. And like everyone, magical or no, they enjoy making money. When you search for flights, they are going to track the crap out of you and then make the price go up if you don’t buy immediately.

Yes, really.

But you are magical too, friend! Make sure you are searching in private mode before you start your Google Flights search (or hotels, whatever!) and you will be safe from the “Accio all your money” spell. #harrypotter

Tip #2: Filter for the Flight You Actually Want

You know those super addictive binge-worthy home shows, where they take a cute, unsuspecting couple through three different houses in a foreign country?

They always have a set budget for their new home plus all the expectations about how perfect it is going to be. Every time, the real estate agent sneaks in a little aside with the camera, letting us (the audience) know that they will never get everything on their wish list for THAT price. Duh.

When you are searching for flights on Google, it is important that you tell Google what you actually want. Otherwise, Google will think, “all they want is a suuuuuuper cheap flight to NYC? We can do that!”

Meanwhile, you’ll be purchasing a flight with three layovers of 8+ hours each. And don’t even think about bringing a carry-on, mister!

Let’s take a peek at how to avoid this scenario:

Whisked Away Surprise Travel

See those adorable filter buttons at the top? All of those are there to make sure you get exactly the flight you want.

I always try for Nonstop flights first (for obvious reasons) and then I head over to baggage allowances. If I’m not allowed a carry-on it’s a no-go. But no problem- you can just add carry-on here and search again.

That duration button at the end is also key. Do you want your total flight experience to Europe to be 11 hours? Or 22? Are you willing to pay $150 more to cut your flight time in half?

Playing with these filters ensures that your flight will be perfect for you… until they bring the in-flight meal and stick you in the center seat. Womp-womp! #worthit

Tip #3: Download the Hopper App

Does this have anything to do with Google Flights? It does not. Will it save you loads of cash? It will. Woot!

Hopper is a sweet little app that watches flights for you. Every now and again, it will send you an update.

My husband and I are currently planning a 5-day trip to Austin in September. We know our dates, and of course Austin is our destination so we know where we want to go. I prefer nonstop flights when we can get them, so I input all of this into Hopper.

And what does Hopper do? It tells me current prices, and then it TELLS ME TO WAIT.

I don’t know about you, but I super appreciate this. Hopper has analyzed flight price trends and knows when flights will go up and down, and when is best to book.

When the time is right, Hopper will let you know. Until then, just relax and have a cocktail would you?

If something can take the guesswork out of booking flights for me, I’m down. Download it today- its free! (And no, I’m not getting paid to say any of this. Just really dig what they are up to over at Hopper.)

Welp friends, that’ll do it. I’ve handed over my top Google Flights tricks and tips. Now get booking!

What are your fave money-saving flight tips?

Leave ‘em in the comments below!