Why You Should Choose Latin America

Hello lovelies!  There are at least a ba-gazillion reasons why you should, at this very moment, travel to Latin America.  However, since time is short and precious (and I can’t count that high) I give you now my top 10.  After you read, hop on over and gift yourself a Surprise Travel Adventure to Latin America and see for yourself!

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Whisked Away Surprise Travel:  Latin America

1:   It’s cheap!  Though some places are pricier than others (I’m looking at you, Buenos Aires) Latin America is a very wallet-friendly place to go.  Sure, you can do it up right and live like royalty, but you can also have an amazing time on a limited budget.

2:  Arepas!  Tacos!  Mole!  Ceviche!  Patacones!  Gallo Pinto!  And so on.

3:  The Andes Mountains.  The Andes Mountains + vineyards in Mendoza.  The Andes Mountains + vineyards in Mendoza + a glass of malbec in your face.

Whisked Away Surprise Travel

4:  Festivals!  Sure, we’ve all heard of the crazy amazingness that is Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, but did you know about Ferias de Quito, in Ecuador?  That special time in every person’s life when they ride on top of a bus through the city at night, a brass band to guide them and a plastic cup tied around their neck filled with warm cinnamon liqueur?  Yes, this is a thing that happens, and you should experience it.

5:  Swoon-worthy beaches.  No one does beaches like Latin America, and no, I’m not talking about Cancun.  I’m talking about those glorious white sand specials with lush green mountains flanking all sides.  Ipanema, Brazil.  Canoa, Ecuador.  

6:  Patagonia: the region so rough and rugged they invented a clothing line to help you survive it.  We’re talking glaciers, views of Antarctica, crystal-blue lakes and of course, the Argentine gaucho, roasting his meals over an open flame.

Whisked Away Surprise Travel:  Patagonia

7:  The Amazon!  Who doesn’t want to see a spider the size of their head that could eat their first born in one gulp?  Just kidding.  It’s awesome.  

8:  Ruins are just splashed about everywhere.  Seriously.  They are even being uncovered in the heart of Mexico City, as we speak!  There’s also Teotihuacan, Tikal in Guatemala and Machu Picchu in Peru… plus a million more.

9:  Central America is soooo close.  Did you know that it takes less time to get to Costa Rica or Nicaragua than it does to LA, if flying from the east coast?  And getting to many places in South America takes way less time than a trip to Europe!  

10:  Even if you’ve been before, you haven’t been before.  Latin America is comprised of so many diverse and amazing cultures and peoples.  There’s something new, always, to experience.