Whisked Away Now Supports Kiva Microloans

Hi Travelers!  After our last post about being good travelers, we thought it best to put our money where our mouth is.  That's why we have a huge announcement this week that we are super excited about...

Whisked Away is now supporting Kiva microloans! 

How will it work?

For every trip you book, Whisked Away will make a microloan ($25 + support fees for Kiva) to a small business owner in the region you chose.  So, if you are going on a Surprise Travel Adventure to Latin America, we could lend to Monica Gabriela!

Or, if you choose North America, we could lend to Carolyn!  Or in Europe, Oksana!

Do you see why this is awesome?!  Not yet?  Ok, watch this:

Kiva is a simple concept that can change a person’s life. -Oprah Winfrey

So let's get started!  When you book, Whisked Away will get to lending.  Want to know who we sent a loan to on your behalf?  Don't worry, we'll let you know!

Can't wait?  Want to get started lending now?  You can make your own profile and get to work. 

Thanks, dear travelers.  We can't wait to make a difference through travel.