Pre-Honeymoon Home Checklist

Rushing to the airport from your wedding (or even the next morning) may sound a bit frantic, but in reality it can be incredibly romantic… if you plan ahead!

Pop down and check out what you need to have prepared, packed and ready to be honeymoon-ready post-nuptials!


If you do nothing else to prepare your home, do these four things.  Reach out to friends and family 2-3 months before your honeymoon to see if anyone would be willing to care for Snuggles and Sir Cattington while you are away.  If not, check into reputable pet sitters in your area.

Making sure that plants were well-watered instead of withered when you got home from the airport used to be a huge pain, but I recently used these super-affordable and easy plant watering globes while away for 2 weeks, and they worked like a charm!  

Stacks of mail outside your door and week-old trash inside your kitchen can both attract unwanted visitors.  Steer clear by placing a hold on your mail (thanks US Postal Service!) and doing a sweep of your home to make sure all trash cans are emptied.

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Whisked Away Surprise Travel:  Honeymoon Prep

Official Documents & Copies

Go ahead and make copies of your passports and both sides of your credit and debit cards.  Yes, it is a slight annoyance but you’ll be grateful you have them if something should go awry on your honeymoon.  Remember to keep all of your copies in separate spots, away from the originals.

Leaving From the Wedding?  Choose a Point Person

You do not want to press pause on your romantic sparkler escape with your new spouse to go and grab your carry-on.  Prior to the wedding, ask one of your bridesmaids or close friends (preferably one that won’t be drowning in rosé by the end of your reception) to deposit all of your bags in your getaway car when people start gathering for the grand exit.  They’ll feel great for being helpful on your big day and you’ll feel grateful to have your toothbrush on hand!

If You Are Checking Luggage

First make sure that all of your luggage tags are filled out and up-to-date prior to your arrival at the ticket counter.  The airport is already a semi-stressful place to be, and having to juggle your coffee and purse plus fill out those flimsy paper tags is a hassle.  

Also, be sure to have a change of clothes and toothbrush in your carry-on in case your checked luggage gets lost in transit.  To avoid this possibility altogether, check out this amazing packing list.  Think you can’t pack everything you need for a honeymoon in a carry-on?  You absolutely can and if it helps, think about it this way: a carry-on’s worth of clothes in hand is worth two regular suitcases lost in Des Moine!

Electronics and Chargers

It goes without saying that cell phone chargers are the most forgotten item ever!  Be sure to pack at least one for the two of you, and then take stock of how much you should actually be using your phone on your honeymoon.  

Why?  The practical reason is that international phone plans are extremely pricey.  You can pay by the day, but if you will be gone more than 2-3 days it is almost always better to pay by the month.  You then have to consider if you would like to purchase data abroad, which is an entirely different ball game.

Here’s the challenge:  take your phone, of course.  But take a camera too. Use the camera when you are out and about with your honey, and leave the phone back at your hotel so you aren’t tempted to spend your one precious honeymoon checking Instagram.

Also do a quick check to see if you’ll need a converter in your honeymoon destination.  If so, I highly recommend getting an international converter like this one to keep for all of your future travels!

Your Surprise Envelope

Personal plug alert!  Whisked Away Surprise Travel plans your honeymoon from start to finish so that you don’t have to.  If you are knee-deep in wedding planning mode then thoughts of flowers and colors and dresses are swirling around in your head and your Pinterest feed.

Whisked Away Surprise Travel:  Surprise Envelope

Leave the honeymoon planning to the pros.

When you book a honeymoon with Whisked Away, you’ll tell us the region you are dreaming of and everything you love to do while traveling.  One week before you leave you’ll get an envelope in the mail with all of your trip details including your surprise destination!

So don’t forget that envelope.  It has everything you really need to have an amazing, stress-free honeymoon.  

(Passport not included).

What is your best honeymoon prep advice?  Let us know in the comments below!