3 Travel Lessons I Learned from Harry Potter

Harry Potter, am I right?  All of us have a favorite book or scene, a favorite character (or 3) that we call upon when discussing the most famous book series of all time.  In fact, some friends and I recently had this conversation:

Who else was DEVASTATED when Hedwig was killed? 

Who else was DEVASTATED when Hedwig was killed? 

"What would your Horcrux be?"

"Mine would be my dog."

 "My piano."

"Um, my passport?!?"

(Three guesses which response was mine.)

And, like most fine literature, if you delve in a bit you can find that there are so many wonderful lessons to be learned about just about anything.  As our topic is travel, we'll start there.

Visit Your Favorite Place, Not Someone Else's

Yes, we all know that Harry's favorite place to be was Hogwart's.  But, his all-time most favorite comfy place was the Burrow, home of the Weasley family.  There was nothing fancy at the Burrow, no great extravagances or top-notch cuisine, but to Harry it felt like home.  When you're dreaming of your next travel spot, try to ignore all of the luxury magazine listicles that tell you where you should want to go and just go where you want to go.  Here's my list of Burrows.

Cultivate a Sense of Bravery

So strong.  So brave!

So strong.  So brave!

Our fave trio Harry, Hermione and Ron were put into Gryffindor for a reason:  their bravery.  So of course they would find themselves pitted against giant ogres in bathrooms and well, Snape.  Bravery might've come naturally to them, but J.K. Rowling teaches us that acts of bravery can come even from the meekest of characters.  Who stands up against his friends to do what's right?  Neville!  Who rescues Harry & Co. from the most evil-est of all Bellatrix LeStrange?  Dobby, the House Elf!  Bravery didn't come easily, but they chose it anyway.  I'm a firm believer that travel itself is an act of bravery.  Buying a plane ticket is a choice to get out of your comfort zone... and that can be scary.  So go ahead.  Channel some of that Neville strength and take the leap!

Let Us Step Into the Night and Pursue that Flighty Temptress, Adventure.
— Albus Dumbledore

Always Listen to Dumbledore

He was always right, wasn't he?  No?  Oh yeah: Genius J.K. taught us that even the most revered and respected figures are human beings, flaws and all.  He did have quite a few nuggets of wisdom though.  My all-time favorite?  When he talks to Harry about what most people see in the Mirror of Erised, a mirror that shows your deepest desires.  Of course, Harry saw his family standing around him, happy and smiling.  Ron saw himself, wearing Quidditch robes and holding the Quidditch cup.  What Dumbledore saw?  Himself, holding some nice wool socks.  I can get down with that too, but I'd be holding plane tickets for sure. 

So let's go forth and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure!  Leave a comment below about your favorite HP moment!