How to Save a Gazillion $$ with Google Flights

Hi travelers! On my recent trip to Tuscany with a lovely group of humans, we found ourselves sitting around the breakfast table at our villa (sigh…) talking about flights.

One by one, we shared the roundabout ways we had flown into Florence. Kate had flown directly in to the city (via Rome) and would be traveling around Italy with her husband immediately following our retreat. Cindy & her daughter Jenny had done the same, and Mari-Jo had chosen to spend some time in Milan before taking the train in.

When it was my turn, I let them know that I had flown through Barcelona as it was by far the cheapest city to fly into in Europe at $386 roundtrip.

Jaws dropped, friends.

And I get it! $386 is a crazy price for a flight to Europe in May! But these kinds of flights aren’t difficult to find if you are willing to be a bit flexible with your plans, which is why I bring you…. (dun duh dun dun!!):

Whisked Away Surprise Travel Google Flights

Pre-S: This will be a 3-part series, so saddle up & get ready to save all the dollars!

Imagine it… you’re dying to go to Europe but you don’t particularly care where OR you know exactly where you’d like to go + you have a few extra days to play with.

Hop onto Google Flights & enter your departure airport and in the destination field type in “Europe” like so:

Google Flights

(Don’t you worry, friends- we’ll get into how to play with travel dates in post #2.)

As you might expect, when I enter “Europe” as my destination, Google Flights pulls up all available prices for those dates from Charlotte.

Let’s see how we did!

Google Flights

Isn’t Google handy? For the visual learners among us, they highlighted the lowest priced flights in green! Since I’m completely open with my travel plans & understand that London is a large hub, let’s choose that one to start.

Side note: As of publishing, Brexit is going down y’all, in all meanings of the phrase. It should be fine, but would I necessarily book to London right now? Probably not. Let’s put current political situations to the side for now though & just focus on getting you some cheap flights, shall we? We shall.

Phew. Okay. So, we are flying roundtrip to London for $546. Sweet! But what if you don’t necessarily want to spend all of your time with Big Ben and the Queen? Back to Google we go!

Enter “London” as your departure city now & then enter “Europe” AGAIN as your destination! (Make sure your dates align of course.) Let’s see what happens!

Google Flights

Huzzah! Athens for $67, anyone? Lisbon for a dollar more? Pardon me if I sound **slightly like a used car salesman but, “these prices can’t be beat!”

Seriously. They can’t be. Don’t even try.

But let’s have some real talk: does this money-saving process take a bit more work? It does. Do you have to now book a hotel for 2 nights in London? You do. But you also get to visit a pub & snack on some fish + chips as a vacay bonus!

And just for fun: if we add our original flight to London + our flight to Lisbon we get = $614. How much would it be if we just chose to fly Charlotte to Lisbon for our original dates?

Google Flights

Boom, babies! Not so shabby, right?

Here’s the lesson: If you can be a bit flexible with your travel plans and aren’t on a super tight schedule, playing around with Google Flights can save you upwards of a trillion dollars (#truth) and encourage your adventurous side!

Next up: How to play with travel dates in Google Flights to get even more bonkers deals!