Female Travel Influencers You Should Be Following

Phew.  It's certainly been a whirlwind few years for women, has it not?  There is so much to dive into... from the #metoo movement coming into being (and then being named Time Magazine's Person of the Year), to the Women's March(es), to Saudi women finally getting the right to drive a freakin' car already.

Is it just me, or does it feel like a real shift is happening?  

In honor of International Women's Day (and as consumers of social media) we can "vote" with our follows and our likes.  We can expand our horizons and learn about travel from the perspective of all different types of women.

And that is super awesome!  

So let's do it.  Pop down and learn about some fearless females who are making it happen in the travel world and then go follow them on your favorite social media outlet.  Woot for women!


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Whisked Away Surprise Travel: Female Travel Influencers

Gloria Atanmo is The Blog Abroad, and if you want to laugh out loud whilst reading a travel blog, hers is the one to catch (plus there's all kinds of juicy travel goodness in there, which is nice too).  The way she tells it, she just up and decided that it was time for her to travel post-college, and has been doing it ever since.  

You'll want to read her guide on emigrating to Canada (timely, much?), her answer to "how do you afford to travel so much?" and why more African-Americans need to travel around Europe!

Girl Gone Travel is Carol Cain, a traveling mama of Hispanic decent who has also founded her own media company, Brave World Media.  Her site focuses on family travel and girls' trips (hello two topics I hear questions about ALL THE TIME) and reaches an audience of folks who enjoy her sense of humor and candor about travel.  

Check out her girl's guide to Santa Fe (a magical place if there ever was one), a family trip to Woodstock, VT to unplug and her wine-related highlights of Dijon, France.

I first heard about The Dare Divas from an article in National Geographic Traveler.  (You know, no big deal.  Just NatGeo.  Whatevs.)  These ladies started traveling together as friends needing to escape the safety of their lives for a bit of adventure.  When one of their husbands passed away unexpectedly, they rallied around each other and kept on traveling.  Now, they offer guided tours for other ladies who want to travel too.  Amazing, right?

Here's the fab four rafting in WVa, the amazing itinerary of their upcoming Mt. Kilimanjaro trip and a brief rundown of their skydiving adventure

Charlotte McGhee (hey, that's me!) is Whisked Away Surprise Travel and writes a travel blog (that you're currently reading!) to go along with the Surprise Travel Adventure offerings.  Check out how to stay present while traveling, why you should try solo travel and how to find a BFF to travel with when everyone seems to busy to go!

Feeling inspired by these traveling lovelies?  Yeah, me too.  (Feels good, right?)

What are some of the other lovely traveling women that you like to follow on your favorite social media outlets?  Share them in the comments below!