Essential February Travel Links Round-Up

Hey Travelers!  As long as January felt, February feels like it has already come and gone.  Tulips are poppin’ up in the front yard and summer vacation plans are simmering away for surprise travelers!  I’ve loved hearing from you and planning the most recent bookings.  

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Here’s Kara and Cam, who are heading to ???? next week!





In this February edition of Whisked Away links round-up, you’ve got lots to snuggle up to, so grab your favorite stemware, fill it with Malbec and let’s dive in!


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Rick Steves!  Ok.  I get that he is probably the most recognizable face in travel AND that he is a privileged white man, but he is getting *slightly political and I’m highly impressed.  

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I commented on his immigration statement in the last issue of links round-up, and now he’s out with a book, entitled Travel As A Political Act.

I’m planning to pick it up on MY summer vacay (Alaska!) but if you read it beforehand let us know your thoughts!

Do you guys know about Angie?  And all of her being away?  I love Angie Away and her incredibly thorough (and fun to read) travel itineraries to places that aren't necessarily on anyone's big fancy bucket list right now.  You may not see Croatia or Iceland, but how about a looooong road trip through Ireland?  

When I say I want to be there right now, I'm serious.  I don't care about the rain.  Teleportation, right?  Someone has to have invented it by now.  (We've all been wanting it for so long!)

Whisked Away Surprise Travel

Solo Travel, am I right? There have been a lot of questions popping up in the travel groups on Facebook about first time solo traveling ladies and first of all, if you are considering this?  You are amazing.  Do it.  Don't question it.

Whisked Away Surprise Travel

Yes, I know your mother is questioning it, because that is her job.  Your job = to go and do the solo traveling.

A great resource for new solo travelers is Be My Travel Muse, but this blog post she wrote about a single mom hiking across the godforsaken earth (3,000 miles of Australia's National Bicentennial Trail) with her young daughter will give you all of the feels.  Run, don’t walk, to read it.

I “met” Lara D. on the interwebs last year when I was looking for guest posts for Whisked Away (pssst!  If you’d like to write a post click here and let’s chat!).  She wrote an awesome post about taking only a carry-on to Europe and I’ve continued to follow her travels ever since!

She is currently living abroad and writing about all of her experiences in South Korea, but she pops back to the states every now and again… when she feels she needs to tour Napa with her ladies.  Rough life?  Yes.

Ok!  Raise your hand if you’ve seen Black Panther!?!  I’m plopping myself in front of a movie screen with a bucket of butter (+ popcorn) this weekend, but would love to hear your thoughts if you’ve seen it.  

A friend of mine took her kids to see it on a SCHOOL NIGHT and said it was their homework. Glorious?  Yes.  Let’s all go see it, shall we?  (Make it the biggest grossing superhero flick of all time?  Why not?)

After all of this amazing let’s end on a super-high note:  the dream of traveling the world and getting paid for it, realized.


If you don’t already follow Leah on The Sweetest Way you should, and if you didn’t know that she has a series on living the nomadic lifestyle now you do!  Commence the dreams!

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How are your summer travel plans going, friends?  The time is here to make those bookings as March approaches and flight prices start their inevitable climb.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed, can’t decide on a dream destination or would just rather hang on your porch with a mimosa, we get it.

Click here to find out more about Surprise Travel, how awesome it is, and how it pretty much automatically means more mimosas for you.

(You’re welcome.)



What have you read or seen recently that travelers should know about? 

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