Top 5 Places to Travel this Fall

Summer's almost over and if you haven't yet scratched your travel itch, never fear!  September & October are fabulous months to get your travel on and some (hand raised) would say they are even better than those crazy summer months.  Pop down to choose your favorite!

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Whisked Away:  Where to Travel this Fall

#1:  San Francisco + Napa Valley Combo Pack of Delight

San Fran is one of those fabulous cities that kind of stays busy year round, but with the fall comes a reprieve from families with school-aged children traveling to the area. 

Rent bikes to traverse the Golden Gate Bridge, visit Yoda without all the kiddies pretending to light sabre each other, and enjoy some gorgeous temps!  

If you are a wine lover (raised hand again) then you'll want to pop over to Napa as well. 

You'll get changing leaves, amazing vineyard views and wayyyyy smaller crowds at all of the top wine tasting spots.  (Don't get me started on the seasonal produce and amazing restaurant offerings!)

#2:  Catskills, NY

Okay.  This one is kind of a "duh, we knew that" location, right? 

Upstate New York is a cliché autumn destination for a reason, friends.  It is AH-mazing to behold all of those leaf be-speckled mountains in one go. 

But leaf-peeping is not all the Catskills offers visitors.  Think all of the fall classics:  apple picking, fishing, pumpkin hunting, hot pies right out of the oven, cozy s'mores by the campfire. 

This area of the country + this time of year = the perfect romantic getaway!

#3:  Charleston, SC 

Charleston is frequently voted the #1 small city destination in the US.  This is totally understandable in two seasons only:  Fall & Winter. 

(In Spring & Summer the city becomes a pot of bubbling humidity and sorrow for anyone who dares step foot in its adorable streets.)

But!  Since this post is about glorious fall times, Charleston is simply lovely! 

Take a stroll with your honey through Magnolia Gardens, nab some delicious southern cuisine, take in the haunted history in the evenings (you may even need a cardigan!)

#4:  Vancouver, Canada

Um... wasn't this post supposed to be about great places to visit in the US? 

Yes- but hear me out, friends.  Vancouver is such a dynamite city and if you are really looking to beat the heat of the (now extended) summer, you'll need to head a bit farther north.

Vancouver is an easy flight for a cool city break in the fall, but there are many other reasons to pop up north. 

Temperatures are cooler (but not yet arctic) and the city thins out a bit- most travelers visit this city in the summertime.  Take advantage of all the festivals happening in the city in September and October too!

#5:  Grand Canyon + Sedona, AZ (Adventures in Spa Land)

Eeek the Grand Canyon is just so flippin' amazing and... GRAND. 

When you visit in the fall you clearly have fewer crowds vying for a canyon selfie, but you also have slightly chilly temps that really encourage a canyon cuddle.  Grab a hot toddy and lounge on the viewing deck at the North Rim for the afternoon, why dontcha?

Sedona is only a few hours away by car and not only offers amazing hiking (totally doable since it isn't five million degrees outside anymore) but is also home to spas the likes of which you'd imagine Oprah frequenting.  Gayle would be there too, obvi.

#6:  Leave the Deciding to the Pros!

If you are longing to travel this fall but can't bear the thought of planning it all, let Whisked Away handle those dirty details for you!  Send us an email or pop over here.  Only 10 minutes stands between you and your autumnal adventure!