Live in Charlotte? Here's How to Deal with the RNC

Dear **Charlotteans,

Hey y’all. We are about a year out from the Republican National Convention descending on our fair city, and here’s what I’d like to say about that:

I, for one, am getting the heck out of dodge.

Nope, this is not a political post. Because no matter who you’re going to vote for (or even if you don’t know yet- what’s up 20 Dem candidates!) the simple fact is this… come next August?

Charlotte’s going to be a zoo.

**Yes, you count as a Charlottean too. Even if you just moved here from “up north.” Welcome, friend.

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RNC Charlotte

When: The RNC is August 24-27, 2020

If I were a bettin’ (wo)man, I’d wager you have ALREADY been chatting with your friends about taking a trip next year during the RNC. Am I right or am I right?


And way to go you! Planning ahead is super awesome, and in this case it will prove to be super necessary too.


Because if YOU are already thinking about getting out of town during the RNC, it stands to reason that a mighty portion of our million + neighbors are thinking about it too.

So what?

We are a city of bankers. We understand supply & demand, right? You can absolutely expect flight prices to start rising dramatically when we get to May & June and folks in Charlotte start booking those RNC-time trips.

So if you’re thinking about getting away during the RNC now, it might be smart to act on that (very wise) thinking…. also now.

You know, before the reality of the RNC starts reallllly hitting most of us.

And speaking of that…

Who: The RNC Crew

Well, sure. He’ll be here.

But along with our prez, according to this article, there will be 35,000 EXTRA FREAKING PEOPLE.

If you think that all of these new RNC friends will be able to stay uptown exclusively, think again. Per the Charlotte Observer in this 2017 article, uptown Charlotte has just over 5,000 hotel rooms.

Let’s be generous, and imagine that each room will house at least 2 people.

35,000 - (5,000 x 2) = holy crap.

Where are those 25,000 extra people going to go, fellow Charlotteans?

My guess? They’ll be camped out on I-77, Independence and I-85 for a bit, meaning you will be too.

Or you can, you know, not be.

Where: The Spectrum Center

This one is just a fun fact, really.

But also:

Businesses near the Spectrum Center are already stressed about street closures, losing money and… you got it: (violent) protests.

This is not a post about fear-mongering, (it’s about fancy-free escapism!) so I’m not gonna go there.

Maybe here’s the lesson then: stop by the businesses mentioned in this HuffPost article near the arena and give them your business leading up to the RNC.

And then get outta town.


Great question. If you are thinking about traveling during the RNC next year, if it has come up in conversation and you’ve thought, “Hmmm… definitely doing that” then Whisked Away can help.

Booking your RNC getaway will take you from feeling stressed (at the very least, right?) about being in town for the RNC craziness to being super zen about the whole deal.

Is that a stretch? Yeah. A bit.

Okay. But here’s what I can promise: instead of talking & thinking about getting out of town for the next year (and probably doing nothing about it) you’ll have a perfectly curated surprise trip coming atcha for the RNC.

With only 10 minutes of booking time.

Oh, one more thing- have kids?

CMS doesn’t start until Monday, August 31, so you’ll easily be back in town for the first day of school. No prob.

Where are you dreaming of going during the RNC?

Charlotte-Douglas, we’re coming for ya!