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Female Travel Influencers You Should Be Following

Female Travel Influencers You Should Be Following

Phew.  It's certainly been a whirlwind few years for women, has it not?  There is so much to dive into... from the #metoo movement coming into being (and then being named Time Magazine's Person of the Year), to the Women's March(es), to Saudi women finally getting the right to drive a freakin' car already.

Is it just me, or does it feel like a real shift is happening?  

In honor of International Women's Day (and as consumers of social media) we can "vote" with our follows and our likes.  We can expand our horizons and learn about travel from the perspective of all different types of women.

And that is super awesome!  

So let's do it.  Pop down and learn about some fearless females who are making it happen in the travel world and then go follow them on your favorite social media outlet.  Woot for women!

Where First-Timers Should Go in Latin America

Where First-Timers Should Go in Latin America

Latin America is a region of the world that is just so flippin’ full of awesome that it is hard to capture all of it in any one anything, be it blog post, discussion or trip.

However, don’t let Latin America overwhelm you.  

If you’ve never been to Latin America and you’re dying to go, first of all:  good on ya.  Clearly you’re an amazing person making stellar choices in life, and sure, I’ll go ahead and say it:

I’m proud of you.

Now that that’s behind us, let’s focus on getting you to Latin America.  As previously mentioned, the region is gigantic.  It is diverse.  It’s just… a lot.

Where to go when you’re a first time traveler to Latin America?

I’ve chosen my top 5 spots for first timers to my favorite part of the world, picked for their accessibility from the states, ease of “getting-around-edness,” vibrant culture, and overall awesomeness.  

Pop down below and choose your next adventure!

Heading to Europe for the First Time? Here's What You Need to Know.

Heading to Europe for the First Time?  Here's What You Need to Know.

Oooh Europe.  The thought of it elicits thoughts of cobblestone-d alleys, towering medieval architecture and, let’s face it… the frothiest of beers.  If you are thinking of dipping your toes into Europe for the first time ever, first let us all congratulate you on this wondrous decision.

Yes, really.  Way to go, you!  

Traveling to Europe is a fantastic idea, but you know that already.  We don’t need a list of all of the things to see and do in Europe, because you know about all of that already too.

Here then, are some handy tips for how to handle some of the nitty-gritty daily happenings in Europe, like:

Do you tip?  Can you wear flip-flops?  Do you stay silent if you don’t know how to ask for something in Polish?

Right.  Ready?

Why You Should Choose Latin America

Why You Should Choose Latin America

Hello lovelies!  There are at least a ba-gazillion reasons why you should, at this very moment, travel to Latin America.  However, since time is short and precious (and I can’t count that high) I give you now my top 10.  After you read, hop on over and gift yourself a Surprise Travel Adventure to Latin America and see for yourself!

Why You Should Book Now For Summer Travel

Why You Should Book Now For Summer Travel

Hey lovelies!  As we sit right smack-dab in the armpit of January (we can all admit that January is the armpit, can’t we?) a lot of our minds have started to drift… forward.

Now, I’m all for living in the moment, being present and deep breathing, but I’m kind of a baby about *actually doing those things in the cold and cloudy winter-times.

It's so hard!

But there is hope!  Summer, although farther off for some of us than others (I’m looking at you, Buffalo, NY!) is on its way.  

Yes, really.

And though it is still a few months ahead of us, now is the absolute best time to book for your summer time travel fabulousness.  

Here are the top reasons why!