My Bucket List

Hi travelers!   Charlotte from Whisked Away here.  As someone who lives, breathes and dreams travel, I get asked a lot about where the next “it” spots will be.  Where are people heading and why?  What are the “untouched” places where most tourists haven’t yet ventured?

At Whisked Away, we are a lot less concerned about the next “must-travel” destinations, and a lot more interested in finding out what our clients love. Iceland might be all over Lonely Planet right now, but what if you love everything about Latin America?

Go to Latin America!  (No really.  Go there now.  It’s amazing.)

So, instead of a list of places that are soooo hot right now, here’s my own personal bucket list.  It’s made up of places that I haven’t yet traveled, but would love to… not because they are popular, but because they sound fantastic.

Scotland + Ireland

A lot of my travel (now) centers on the people I love, what they love, and the insane thrill I get out of making them happy through travel.  So this one is a shout-out to my husband, whose favorite everything comes from these two countries.  Literature, scotch, countryside.  I’m thinking a one-month jaunt through them both to do it right.

New Zealand

Apart from having a lovely friend who lives there, New Zealand is the stuff of dreams, is it not?  Greenery, mountains, history, liberal politics!  I want it all!  To add to the amazing, I recently read about this.  


I have danced my way all around Colombia, but never dipped my toes inside the actual borders.  A friend and I will get to on our way back from Brazil in a few weeks, but I know it just won’t be long enough.  Colombia, like my love Ecuador, is a smaller package of a country that just includes everything:  the Andes, coastline, jungle, food, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Carlos Vives, etc.  What more could you ask for?

Moscow + St. Petersburg, Russia

Ok.  I know Russia is a bit… overwhelming.  Especially right now.  But I can’t help but fantasize about walking through Red Square in a big down jacket sipping a hot mug of something and getting called into a warm dive bar to play cards with older big-paunched men drinking vodka.  This will happen, right?  

Ubud, Indonesia

Yes, yes.  I’ve read Eat Pray Love.  I know Elizabeth Gilbert ends her odyssey here and it’s amazing and she falls in love and all of it, but this is not why I want to go.  In fact, it is initially why I did not want to go.  (I hate jumping on bandwagons.)  But then I saw this, and I realized that I had to.

Southern Patagonia in Chile + Argentina

This one is a bit of a cheat.  I’ve been to Patagonia, but in northern Argentina. It’s different, I swear!  When I went the first time, I did some shorter one-day hikes and cycling.  This time, I want to do all of the hiking and cycling and penguin-viewing and glacier-touching!  


Everest!  No, I’m not a psycho who thinks that she can step off her couch and climb Everest.  I’ve seen the pictures of the frozen bodies.  I do yearn to see the thing though, and maybe hike around her a bit.


Honestly friends, this list could go on and on.  After traveling, the lovely thing you learn is that the list doesn’t get shorter, it only continues to grow.  And isn’t that fabulous, and kind of the point?

Now I’d love to hear from you!  What is on your bucket list, travel or otherwise?

Leave a comment below, or email and let us know where you'd like to go next!