How To Be A Good Tourist

Hi Travelers!  Watched the news recently?  Sigh.  Yeah, me too.  If you (like me) are someone that tends to eat their feelings, you may have also (like me) eaten one too many bags of kettle-cooked BBQ chips over the past few weeks.  There has been so much to capture our attention, and hopefully act upon, that you may have missed this little tidbit going on in certain parts of Europe. An "anti-tourism" movement is catching on in certain spots, and before we dismiss it perhaps we should take a closer look. 

This past week, Barcelona suffered a terrorist attack.  This attack was not carried out by anti-tourist groups but rather by ISIS.  However, earlier this month this happened, also in Barcelona.  No one was hurt, but the anti-tourism group made it clear that they feel something has to change.  Similar issues have popped up in Venice, Ireland and Croatia.  People are frustrated, and rightly so.  When tourists come, they don't always leave the best impressions.  They don't always help economies.  And they don't always leave things as they found them in the first place.

But you can. 


First off, I must say that Whisked Away follows international news very closely.  We would never, under any circumstances, send you anywhere that is deemed unsafe.  Further, if there is a certain spot that you'd like to avoid, you can tell us that when you book and know with complete confidence that we will not send you there. 


There are ways to be a good tourist.  If you'd like to know how, read this.  Or this. 

Should you be scared?

No.  Please, no.  Because when you are, that means that you ignore the "why" of anti-tourism instead of educating yourself about where to go and how to act.  That should be happening anyway.  When you travel, folks are opening up their home to you.  It's up to us to be respectful in their space.  It's up to each of us to show our hosts that not all Americans are what they are shown in the media, or what our government portrays.

In the end, travel is a way (maybe one of the best ways) to build bridges, not walls.  So travel on, friends!  Just always keep in mind, you are a guest.  Do what you'd like folks to do on our home turf.  And let's all try to be welcoming when we're on the other end.

What are your thoughts on traveling right now?  Click "reply" and let us know!

PS:  Yes really!  We love talking travel!