Spotlight On... Greece!

Hey travelers! This edition of Spotlight On… goes out to newsletter reader Roopal D., who requested an in-depth look at this most historic, blue-water-havin’ heaven of a country: Greece!

Pop down below for our suggested itinerary for Greece, and let us know what you would add!

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What to Do in Greece

Athens! (Because where else would you start?)

Of course you will fly into Athens, friends. Even if you ONLY WANT that crystal clear water and beach time fun, you will fly into Athens.


The Parthenon!

Well, and a lot of other historic sites that just beg to be explored. Oh… and because that’s where your flight will undoubtedly deliver you.

Many tourists flock to Greece because of the Greek Isles, and this is completely understandable. However. Popping into Greece and NOT seeing the Parthenon, the Acropolis, etc. not only makes you a bad traveler…. it kind of makes you a bad person. Daily dose of judgement!

Plus, Greece really wants you to see all that it has to offer (and all that it has offered us as a human race, really) so it gives you so many easy ways to see all of the things.

Before you go, purchase this easy tourist pass. It will give you access to all of the historical sites you could ever hope to see in a few days before hopping on that beach bound ferry… plus it gives you free public transport within Athens AND a free hop on-hop off city bus tour.

PS: If you’re scoffing at that city bus tour- remember it gets quite toasty in the summer months and you might just relish a bit of A/C to get you from place to place!

Where to stay in Athens? Go ahead and book yourself a hotel in centrally-located Syntagma. Try the Emporikon Athens or for a more budget-friendly option, check out Hotel Adonis.

On to the Islands!

But how to get there?

Let’s focus on Santorini first, because if you only have time for one island (or don’t want to island hop) that’s where you should go.

You have two choices for getting to Santorini. The first, flying, is by far the quickest. Flights are under an hour door to door, and will cost you about $200.

The ferry will take closer to 5 hours, but will cost about half. You make the call!

Santorini is the island of the blue water, white buildings, dreamy vistas and happy times. Picture the island as a big ol’ backwards C. The inside of the C is where all of the more expensive towns are, as they face the volcanic island in the middle. These are:

  • Oia: larger town, more quiet atmosphere

  • Fira: larger town, party atmosphere

  • Imerovigli: smaller town, secluded & quiet

  • Firostefani: winner, Best Name Award (given by me); within walking distance to Fira but quiet

On the back side of the C you’ll have the quieter beach towns of Kamari and Perissa.

Ready to start salivating over a hotel? Go ahead and click here for the best place to stay in Oia, our pick for where to stay in Santorini.

If you’d like to explore other islands…

Can’t say that we blame you! Here are the top five islands that can be reached from Santorini via ferry.

  1. Crete: Take the high speed ferry and be on Crete’s shores within 1.5 hours. This island is known for its ancient history, ruins, and amazing views.

  2. Tinos: Go to Tinos when you need to exhale and have a bit of peace and quiet. Tinos is famous for its religious sites and outstanding beauty. Also, if you love kitesurfing it is quite windy! Only 3.5 hours via ferry from Santorini.

  3. Paros: Great family island, Paros features the Golden Beach for families and is awash with traditional villages. Great for a stroll. 2-3 hours from Santorini by ferry.

  4. Naxos: Huge island with great local food, as it is an agricultural island. Rent a motorcycle to explore! 1.5 hours from Santorini by ferry.

  5. Mykonos: Most popular with tourists, Mykonos is a party island. Bonus: it is very LGBTQ friendly. Only 2 hours via ferry from Santorini.

And that’s it for our Spotlight on Greece!

What would you add to the itinerary?