5 Reasons Why a Surprise Bachelorette Party is Happening

Dearest Maid of Honor,

Hey lady!  Feels pretty darn good to be you, doesn’t it?  Your bff/sister/friend from middle school you haven’t spoken to in 10 years chose YOU to be her MOH.  This means she loves you.  This also means that you now have a second (unpaid) job for the next 6 months.  Hooray!

How about taking some of the stress out of this equation?  Here, now, are the 5 reasons a Surprise Bachelorette Party is about to save your life:

1.)  Herding cats is hard enough.  You already have to find a date that works.  Why would you also want to figure out:  accommodations/travel/dietary restrictions/booze preferences/appropriately-shaped straws & cakes? 

2.)  How many of your bride's friends have done a trip to Vegas?  She deserves something different and better!  (And you deserve not to have to go to Vegas for the 9th time and pretend to have a blast.)

Because this is what happens when you have to plan everything. 

3.)  Friends from all over the country?  No problem.  Whisked Away can bring people together (on a fabulous travel adventure) like no one else.  Just tell us where you're flying from.

4.)  The time of dressing up in mini-skirts, getting inebriated and making bad choices is behind you.  Your bride enjoys adventure... go somewhere amazing!   

5.)  Just imagine:  you're hanging with the bride just killing it in the MOH arena. There's a knock at the door:  the envelope containing your secret destination has arrived!  You've given your pal the gift of an amazing time with her ladies, without any of the hassle.

Well done, you.