Why Your Wife Wants You to Take Her on a Babymoon

Hello Parent-to-Be!  If you are reading this, it means you are knee-deep in baby name lists and how-to books about parenting.  Perhaps you're feeling elated, perhaps horrified, or maybe even a healthy mix of both.  Totally understandable!  What you are about to undertake involves a big life change, but do you know what it doesn't involve?  Being pregnant.  (Because your wife's got that on lock-down, right?)

Want to be the spouse of the year?  Please friend, follow this sage advice:  get the lady a babymoon.  

Here's why:

1.)  She's spending 9 months of her life creating your kid.  That is a gift!  Don't you think it'd be nice to reciprocate a little?

2.)  She wants to tell her friends how fabulous you are.  Really.  She wants to gush about how much you love her and the amazing babymoon that you have planned.  This will make her feel special and loved.  (Psst:  Relax!  We can plan the whole thing!)

3.)  She can't drink, and that's totally unfair.  But what she can do?  Eat!  Let's capitalize on this, shall we?  How about gelato in Italy?  Pastries in Paris?  Tapas in Madrid?  Feed those cravings with top-notch, international eats.  She'll be swooning.

4.)  This may be the last time, in a long time, that you guys get some just-the-two-of-us time.  You could enjoy that time on your couch in front of another episode of Veep, or you could do it on a specially-planned travel delight made just for the two of you.

5.)  Your lady has a lot on her mind.  Will the baby be healthy?  Will the baby sleep?  How much will life change?  How much will my body change?  Am I eating the right things?  Acckkk!   She needs a break.  You both do.  Take all the worry out of planning a babymoon.  Let the pros do it for you! 

So here's the question:  Do you really need a reason aside from the gorgeous woman sitting next to you, giving you the side-eye because she isn't feeling the greatest?  Make her feel great!  Give her the Surprise Travel amazingness that she deserves, without any of the stress of planning it.  We've got you covered.  Whisk her away!

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