A Chat with Kristen Sarah from Hopscotch the Globe

What’s it like to travel full-time and make a living doing it?  Kristen Sarah takes a break from wandering the lovely streets of Poland to answer some questions about Hopscotch the Globe!

1: Tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Kristen Sarah and I am the creator of travel blog and YouTube channel Hopscotch the Globe. I am a full time adventurer. When I'm not traveling internationally, I'm traveling across North America in my tiny home (aka my Airstream) with my husband Siya.

2: What inspired you to start Hopscotch the Globe?

My passion for travel and need to have an outlet to be creative and share stories.

3: Tell us about traveling with a significant other- do you have any tips for other traveling twosomes that you've learned on your adventures with Siya?

Siya and I are asked this quite often so we made a video and blog post all about it. Check it out here: http://hopscotchtheglobe.com/5-tips-for-travelling-with-a-partner/

4: What is one spot or region that you love, that you'd encourage others to try?

South East Asia. It's my favorite part of the world. It's insanely beautiful, full of adventure, great people, amazing food, budget friendly, perfect weather..and well I could go on.

5:  You've created a community of like-minded traveling friends online who learn a lot from your content.  What have you learned from them?

That community is so important and what you say and do matters (even when you don't think so). It's incredible the bonds we've created with people all over the world, and we haven't even met them in person, yet I feel them very much. I love my travel tribe. Siya and I aren't Hopscotch the Globe, us along with our incredible tribe ARE Hopscotch the Globe.

6: Have you ever tried Surprise Travel?  (Will you let us plan a surprise adventure for you?)

No I haven't. Sure I'd be down!


Thanks, Kristen!  Whisked Away looks forward to planning your first-ever Surprise Travel Adventure!