Why Everyone's Trying Solo Travel (And You Should Too)

If you are reading this, then you’ve probably read 10,000 other posts about Solo Travel.  Female Solo Travel, Solo Travel for Introverts, Solo Travel on a Budget.  Etc.

And do you know why you’ve read so many posts about Solo Travel?  Two reasons:

  1. It’s amazing.

  2. You want to do it.

And, since you are here, would you like to know my thoughts on the subject? You are reading this blog post, this very one, because it is now time TO ACT.  Now is the time to stop dreaming, researching and what-if-ing.  Now is the time to start DOING.  (But yeah, go ahead and finish reading this first.)

Here are the truths of solo travel:

1.) It’s hard.  There will come a time in your solo trip where you will think: “Gahhh I just want my significant other/puppy/mom/cousin/bffff to be here right now.  I’m looooonnneelly.”

2.) It’s scary.  There will also come a time when you are dropped off by a bus in a foreign country in a literal crossroads next to an unsavory part of town.  You will have all of your possessions on your person.  You will be obviously out of place.  There will be men jeering at you from passing trucks.  Then, a woman will pop out of her dwelling and offer you her cell phone.  Then, a mother/daughter duo will drive by and offer you help.  Then, you will live to tell the tale.  And you will feel like a strong, independent badass who can do anything and go anywhere, and you will realize that people are inherently incredible.  (And you won’t tell your mom about it until you are home.  Or maybe ever.)

2.) (Continued)  People are inherently incredible!  Of all of the Solo Travel that I’ve done or heard about, it has always included stories of incredibly helpful folks.  Humans want to help other humans.  Period.  If you travel alone for no other reason, do it to go out and learn this truth for yourself. 

3.) People, maybe even people very close to you, will question your sanity.  If you are having a low moment, you may listen to them.  Don’t.  (I mean do, of course, but then respectfully change the subject.)  They love you but they are also pushing their own beliefs about the world upon you.  We merry band of travelers choose to live in a world of possibilities and beauty instead of fear. Stick with us.  It’s more fun.

4.) It’s gloriously freeing.  There will also come a time (maybe after that time when you felt lonely and that other time when you got the sh*t scared out of you) when you wake up in the morning on your fantastic Solo Travel adventure and realize that you can do anything that you want to with that day.  You answer to no one except yourself.  If you want to sit in an elegant coffee shop all day writing in your journal and eating pastries, you can!  If you want to spend the day searching for your favorite grammarian’s birthplace and then jump up and down in joy, go ahead!  Make your own destiny.

5.) And now for the cliché. (You knew it was coming, right?)  Solo Travel will change you forever, and it will change you for the better.  When you come upon a challenge in your life, you will always have your Solo Travel successes to draw on.  “I did that?  I can do anything.”  May it be so.

What do you love about solo travel?  Leave us a comment below!