What to Do INSTEAD OF Backpacking through Europe

What to Do INSTEAD OF Backpacking through Europe

As my favorite lifestyle blogger Sarah von Bargen says, what I’m about to tell you is going to be a “potentially unpopular opinion.” So hold on to your PSL, friends. Here goes nothing:

Taking a summer to backpack through Europe is NOT how you should be spending your travel time.

(Cue wild pumpkin spice-induced coughing)

I know. It hurts to hear this. Strapping on an oversize backpack and hoofing it through train stations + hostels in one of our fave continents is the way to cap our adolescent experience, right?

Go out, see the world?

Expand our minds a bit, beyond those hallowed university walls?

Live in Charlotte? Here's How to Deal with the RNC

Live in Charlotte?  Here's How to Deal with the RNC

Dear **Charlotteans,

Hey y’all. We are about a year out from the Republican National Convention descending on our fair city, and here’s what I’d like to say about that:

I, for one, am getting the heck out of dodge.

Nope, this is not a political post. Because no matter who you’re going to vote for (or even if you don’t know yet- what’s up 20 Dem candidates!) the simple fact is this… come next August?

Charlotte’s going to be a zoo.

**Yes, you count as a Charlottean too. Even if you just moved here from “up north.” Welcome, friend.

Why Whisked Away is Offsetting our Carbon Footprint

Why Whisked Away is Offsetting our Carbon Footprint

A few months back I popped over to Rick Steves’ page on Facebook to see what he had going on. We all know that Rick Steves is the godfather of travel, do we not? (We do). It goes without saying then, that when I spied his new post entitled “Our Climate Smart Commitment,” I had to read on.

You can read it here, but here’s the gist:

Travel is wonderful, awe-inspiring and (I would argue) necessary. Travel is also harmful to the environment.

We cannot, as responsible travelers, ignore the fact that the flights we take emit carbon dioxide into our earth’s atmosphere at alarming rates.

But there is something we can do.

Rick Steves is contributing $1 million in 2019 (breaking down to $30 per traveler in his guided tours) to projects in the Global South that fund “a diverse portfolio of climate-smart organizations that work to advocate for smart policies and laws, conserve biodiverse lands, support small farms, and develop climate-smart agriculture and forestry practices.” (Quotation taken from this post.)

I found it interesting that Rick Steves simply hadn’t chosen to pay airlines a fee to offset the carbon emissions produced by each traveler. That would make sense, right? Turns out, not so much.

Travelers, I’ve been doing a bit of digging (post Rick Steves-inspirational research!) and what follows is what I found out about carbon neutrality, and why Whisked Away will be doing something about it too.