Hi! I'm Charlotte McGhee, Founder of Whisked Away Surprise Travel.

Whisked Away was born after over 20 years of planning travel (surprise and otherwise!) for friends and family who hated spending hours researching on big box travel sites. They wanted to speak to a person, someone they trusted, who had traveled and could help them out.

Travel is meant to expand your horizons and help you grow. It is also meant to be fantastically amazing. When you book through Whisked Away, you get curated travel with a twist:

You won't know where you are going until a week before you leave.

Are you ready to get Whisked Away?

Mission Statement

Whisked Away Surprise Travel chooses the best destination & curates the perfect surprise trip for each traveler so that their vacation is an adventure and a joy- start to finish.

Core Values

  • Ensure an amazing & personalized experience, start to finish (and beyond)

  • Give each traveler + trip the best of ourselves

  • Understand that we are part of a global community & that environmentalism is our responsibility


For each trip booked,

Whisked Away makes a small business loan to a woman in a developing country.

To offset the carbon emissions caused by airplane travel, Whisked Away pledges that each micro loan will also improve the environment.

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