Frequently Asked Questions


How do I choose a budget?

Everyone has different budgets, likes and dislikes for when they travel. A higher budget means an easier trip- more direct flights (especially if you live near a far-flung hub), fancier accommodations, and perhaps even more exotic locales. Whatever your budget, we will create a dreamy adventure for you. Click here for our budget guide!

What is included in the per person budget?

Your flights, accommodations and booked day trip(s) are included in the 1-week surprise trips. For the 2-week surprise trips, we also add in on-the-ground transport between destinations, so you can explore even more!

If your budget allows, we'll include transportation from the airport to your accommodations. If not, rest assured we'll give you detailed instructions on how to get from point A (for airport, see?) to point B (for... bed?).

Do you offer 24-7 customer assistance while I'm abroad?

Yes! When you purchase travel insurance through our partner, Allianz, you will receive the benefit of having someone to call anytime you might need some help. Whisked Away also confirms flights and accommodations the day prior to your departure, so you'll be all set to sit back and enjoy.

When should I book?

Whisked Away needs at least 2 months to plan the perfect trip for you. After that, flight prices climb & great accommodations get booked up. The earlier the better!

How do I know you won't send me to a place I’ve been before?

When you book, you'll fill out a short survey telling us everything you love to do, plus where you've been before (so we don't double dip)!

Do I have to pay all at once?

Nope! If you are more than 3 months out from your trip, you can use our payment plan.

Why do Surprise Honeymoons start at a higher price point than other Surprise Trips?

First: Keep in mind that the budget for a Surprise Honeymoon ALWAYS includes two people. So, $5000 for a 1-week Surprise Honeymoon for two is just that: $5000. Second: There are several things that you want on this all-important, once-in-a-lifetime travel experience and those are: ease, no stress, and romance!

The higher price points on the Surprise Honeymoon are to ensure that we are able to book you the best flights (shortest, not economy class) and the snazziest, well-reviewed accommodations. Your Surprise Honeymoon deserves this. (You two deserve this!)

What if I know exactly where I want to go?

Click here to fill out a quick inquiry form. We'll get in touch asap!

What is the fee?

For 20% of your total budget, you get:

Pro Planning: Whisked Away has been planning travel for over 20 years. Because each trip is specific to the traveler, around 10 hours is spent on the research, booking and planning of each trip. This is not your automated, one-size-fits-all type of travel.

Zero Stress: Deciding where to go, watching the weather and the news, thinking about where to stay and what airline to choose? That's way more stress than anyone has time for. Whisked Away will take care of all of the nitty-gritty for you. Go treat yo'self and have a cocktail, would you?

Surprise Amazingness: You'll need about 10 minutes to book. After that, sit back and enjoy that aforementioned cocktail, and we'll get everything ready for you. One week before you leave, your surprise envelope will be in your hands and you'll be ready to go. Grab a carry-on and let's do this!

I live outside of the US. Can you plan a trip for me?

Yes! In addition to US passport holders flying from the US, we are now accepting clients from Canadian hubs carrying Canadian passports!

Can I use my frequent flier miles to book my trip?

Sadly no. That would ruin the surprise! You can always enter your frequent flier number after you fly to earn those miles.

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